A quick note about this site

by admin on June 14, 2010

I “discovered” DSPS only a few years ago. The wikipedia page was almost all anecdotal.

This has amazingly changed to such an extent as to amaze me.

The wikipedia page is now endlessly tagged with links to research that has finally made it into the ICD-10 as well as “sleep” being identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I have not had the time that this site deserves and I hope to carve out some to ramp this blog up to par. I hope, in the end, to have a website that is propagated by the writings of Doctors doing research in the field along with fellow Night Owls with DSPS.



by admin on June 6, 2010

Please not that this is currently a place holder.

We are working on redesigning the site in addition to providing content.

Please come back shortly. Feel free to to subscribe and we will announce when the site is ready for activity.


Mission Statement

by admin on December 8, 2009

I have long battled my body’s biological clock.  The battle started as far back as my memory can assist and even further back to when I am reliant on the memory of family to reinstate that I was a “night owl” from day one.  I fought a seemingly endless battle in a seemingly lonesome battle ground.

Then one day I stumbled upon the wikipedia entry for Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome (DSPS) and I read a description of my battle.

My battle continues to rage fiercely; with work, with relationships, with friends, with society, with perceptions, with expectations…with my body.

I want to understand this battle more, I want to fight along side fellow soldiers, I want others who have yet to realize that they are fighting the same battle to have their eyes opened to this knowledge, and I want our companions in life to understand the fight.

Far too often have I had questions unanswered.  Far too often I lack the ammunition to hone the edge of my argument for my condition.  Far too often am I left without compatriots.  Far too often am I left without resources.

This must change.

Let us explore the realm of this thing called DSPS and let us share with the world our insight.