Mission Statement

by admin on December 8, 2009

I have long battled my body’s biological clock.  The battle started as far back as my memory can assist and even further back to when I am reliant on the memory of family to reinstate that I was a “night owl” from day one.  I fought a seemingly endless battle in a seemingly lonesome battle ground.

Then one day I stumbled upon the wikipedia entry for Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome (DSPS) and I read a description of my battle.

My battle continues to rage fiercely; with work, with relationships, with friends, with society, with perceptions, with expectations…with my body.

I want to understand this battle more, I want to fight along side fellow soldiers, I want others who have yet to realize that they are fighting the same battle to have their eyes opened to this knowledge, and I want our companions in life to understand the fight.

Far too often have I had questions unanswered.  Far too often I lack the ammunition to hone the edge of my argument for my condition.  Far too often am I left without compatriots.  Far too often am I left without resources.

This must change.

Let us explore the realm of this thing called DSPS and let us share with the world our insight.

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